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Saint Hilarion Castle in Kyrenia

Twin (“Didymos”), Queen’s Castle, Ais Larkou Castle are some of the several names that were given to the Castle of Saint Hilarion or else known as Agios Ilarion. The dominant name is named after St Hilarion, a hermit monk who fled from prosecution in the Holy Land and lived and died to the western hilltop of the now occupied mountain range,...

Buffavento Castle in Kyrenia

Buffavento Castle is one of the three castles – watchtowers that stand on Pentadaktylos, the Kyrenia mountain range. It is situated on the second highest hill on the northern side of the mountain range of Pentadaktylos in an inaccessible area that dominates almost all of the island except the southwestern areas. It is strategically placed in...

Kantaras Castle in Kyrenia

Kantaras castle is one of the three most important castles on the Pentadaktylos mountain range. It’s built upon the most eastern peaks of Pentadaktylos providing a stunning 360 view of the whole Cyprus island. Specifically, there are the vantage points of the northern coasts of Cyprus, Karpasia and the rest of the mountain range, towards the...