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Το Μουσείο Αγροτικής Ζωής της Στενής, ένα Μουσείο που μας φέρνει πιο κοντά στα χρόνια των παππούδων μας και μας μαθαίνει τη ζωή τους.


The offer of Steni to the Fights of our Nation existed reversely proportional to its size. Concretely people from Steni fought at the two World wars, but the climax of its offer existed during the EOKA Fight of 1955-1959 at which a lot of young persons from Steni were rebels that fought the conqueror in all the territory of the province of...


Επάνω σε ένα μικρό λόφο της κοινότητας της Στενής, της επαρχίας Πάφου βρίσκεται ένα μικρό εκκλησάκι αφιερωμένο στον Άγιο Γεώργιο. Πρόκειται για ένα ιδιαίτερα λιτό εκκλησάκι με ξυλόστεγη κεραμοσκεπή στέγη. Ο εσωτερικός του χώρος αποτελείται από ένα λιτό εικονοστάσι με λιγοστές εικόνες. Η εκκλησία δεν φέρει καμπαναριό παρά μόνο ένα πρόχειρο...


The Monastery of Virgin Mary Chrysolakournas is found roughly 3 kilometers at the north side of the village Steni in a fantastic locality, having a view of the gulf of Polis Chrysohous and Cape Akama.
We do not know when the monastery was founded or when it was destroyed. From some information that we have from the historical...


The church of Steni is dedicated to Agios Tryfonas that according to tradition is the protector of the animals and crops and came from the Lampsako of Minor Asia. The temple has been built in 1913 at the place where the first church of village was found, a small building which was destroyed by fire because of some forgotten candles.