HMS Cricket, the war ship that survived so many wars, only to be defeated by the fury of the sea. The war ship Cricket of the British Royal Navy has an exciting story. She was built in December 17th 1915. She was a small gunboat of the Insect Class. Ships like that, because of their small size, were used mostly for patrols, river sailing and beach surveillance.
Cricket participated in World War I, in the Mesopotamian Campaign, as part of the fleet that operated in Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. She also took part in the Russian Civil War, fighting mostly on the Dvina River. At the beginning of World War II Cricket was in at China, but she was called back to join the Mediterranean fleet. But in 1942 she fell into a mine just outside Egypt and she was declared a constructive total loss. Her hull was towed to Cyprus and was used as a target for the exercises of the Royal Air Force. But in 1947 a terrible storm sank Cricket, thus ending her long and adventurous life.
Nevertheless, the sinking of Cricket was the beginning of a new phase in her history. The ship stood upside down on the sandy bottom of the sea of Larnaca, in a depth of 33m. Unfortunately, her leaning deprived Cricket the title of the most extraordinary wreck, but it still remains on of the most popular diving destinations. It is really amazing diving in the hull of the ship and seeing her huge mass breaking the characteristic monochrome of the sand. Several species of fish swim around, like crayfish, groupers etc. The diver can swim only in a part of the inside of the ship going through hatches and also under her, since her upside down leaning does not leave a lot of empty space. But you should be careful because the firing of RAF has destroyed the metal parts of the ship and it is not difficult to harm yourself.
In any case, the experience of diving in Cricket, a ship that was active for 30 years, is being caressed by the sea for 7 decades and survived so many wars only to be defeated by the fury of the sea, is unique. It is worth living! The wreck is only 10 minutes away from the small fishing harbor of Xylophagou by boat. The depth of the bottom is 33m max. and the visibility up to 25m. Only, remember, for your diving a certification for Open Water (OW) is required. First and always safe!