Mylos Bridge is in the Marathasa area and connects the distraught areas between Treis Elies and Kaminaria villages. Under the bridge the Mylos river is flowing. The bridge itself is a semi-cycle, one-arch stone bridge from the Venetian era, which in the past was part of the trail leading from Paphos to Morphou area.

The bridge is literally infested with wild vegetation. For this reason, the it’s hard to be seen by the visitor. In near proximity, there’s the Treis Elies medieval bridge and the ruins of  Saint Andronikos chapel.

Through the bridge passes a linear trail of 2.5Km that starts from Treis Elies and ends at Orpolis. The trail is quite easy and passes through a worthy scenery along the way. Throughout the trail there’s benches, on which the visitor can sit and relax.