The offer of Steni to the Fights of our Nation existed reversely proportional to its size. Concretely people from Steni fought at the two World wars, but the climax of its offer existed during the EOKA Fight of 1955-1959 at which a lot of young persons from Steni were rebels that fought the conqueror in all the territory of the province of Paphos.

Also, together with them, the residents of Steni gave their own fight, as feeders and collaborators. Many of them had been kept as political detainees for years at the camps of the English troops at Kokkinotrimithia or Pyla, far away from their families and their work.

Because of the high degree of attendance of the people of Steni in the Fight, the English troops did not lose the occasion to proceed in any kind of violence against the defenseless residents.

At the duration of the Turkish Invasion and the battles that followed, it fell in the battle of Polis Chrysochous on 20.7.1974 our friend Aristotelis Savva, leaving behind his wife and three underage girls.

Thus in order to honor the offer of Steni in the various Fights, with the economic aid of the state but also with various contributions, it was erected the Monument of Fighters in the community, in order for the oldest to remember and for the newer people to learn, that this small village was always present in the call of its homeland.

source : Community Council of Steni