It is built next to the old church of the Transfiguration. It has a byzantine style and was built by the need for a larger church that would meet the needs of the community of Sotira, which over the years grew in population . The work of reconstruction began in early 1939 , while in 1955 it was inaugurated by Archbishop Makarios III. After 40 years, new work began , which was completed in 1996 . Along with the church of the Resurrection are the two main temples of the Sotira , where the most feasts of Saints and Liturgies are committed. Indeed, in this, the Divine Liturgy of Sunday is celebrated, as also the two major religious festivals, one on August 6 , Feast of the Transfiguration and each Sunday. The new church of the Transfiguration , along with the old , are part of history and the center of the religious tradition of the community of Sotira.