It used to be a monastery. From evidence it is said that this church was built in the 10th century.

It was a great godliness to stay around a church and a monastery ,they used to say.So it was done .All the residents went ,slowly, to live around the monastery of Saint Thomas in order to experience the solitary life more closely. The monastery, in a very short time was transformed into a village. In 1850 though, there was a big earthquake, from which great disasters were caused. So the church and the village were deserted. There were only ruins. This place today has been made archaeological. No new building was allowed to be built.

Since 1997 the efforts started for the designing and the erection of a new building .In 2001 on the 6th October the first foundation stone ,of the new building ,unique kind for today’s data. Having a basis of Classic type in architectural design of the 16th century, they took the decision for the erection of the new church, a few meters further down from the ruins of the older church. The whole construction is made of stone. It is a huge church 12 meters high 6 meters width and 13 meters long. The dome has a diameter of 4 ½ meters. So in October of 2003 intensive construction works began. The Community of Oroklinis celebrates Saint Thomas on the 6th October and the first Sunday after Easter .

source : Community Counsil of Oroklini