A small ancient country church which is built on the mountain summit on the west of the village .This church is dedicated to Prophet Elias and it was built 500 years ago.It is a building of the 16th century. In the 20th century the church was built for a second time. The new building is 1 ½ meter higher than the old one. The old building remained as the sanctuary of the whole building. Architectonically it is a building of the Byzantine monoklyte type. It is not a big church but it can contain up to 60 people in it. Externally it is built by stone .By the side there is the old belfry, which invites the faithful people to come in every celebration .In the old building there were wall paints .A hundred years ago there was a fire and the wall paintings were misquoted. They are not so clear today.Internally the iconostasis is manufactured from pine tree wood, simple and painted with dark varnish. The few icons of the saints and the dedicated icon of the Prophet Elias hug and give one more supplement to the completion of the ecclesiastical wealth.

The church was re-preserved in 1994 with the church’s expenses. Today it is a well preserved building. It functions 3-4 times a year.Prophet Elias is celebrated in Oroklini.A lot of people from the nearby area go there and there is a big festival.