Exiting Paralimni to Protaras, next to the Paralimni Refugee Settlement is the old church of Saint Barbara. The church was built in 1977 and was the church serving the adjacent refugee settlement.

Initially the church was a single-aisled basilica, with a curved roof and a skylight panel on the north side, but gradually over time due to the increase of the area's population it was necessary for the church to be expanded. This was done by adding a second aisle to the south side of the temple.

Eventually, despite the additions on the building, it imppossible to meet the needs of the increasing population. For this reason, at the same location and next to the old church the new Saint Barbara church was build, during the late 1990s until 2001. The new majestic church is considered the third parish church of the Paralimni community.

The memory of St. Barbara is celebrated on December 4th.

St. Barbara came from a wealthy pagan family. Her father, in order to protect her from the Christians, as he believed they were practicing insidious conversions, built an inaccessible tower house his daughter. Despite her father's actions, Barbara will get to know Christianity from a maid. In a pagan environment, Barbara secretly lived a Christian life. When Dioscorus, Barbara's father, found out that his daughter was a Christian, he tried various ways to persuade her to return to paganism. But Barbara was steadfast in her faith. Dioscorus then, handed over his daughter to the ruler Marciano, where he tried to persuade her to change her mind with torments. With heroism, St. Barbara confronted the martyrod, so that Marciano, seeing no other solution, condemned her to death by beheading. Her father asked the ruler to decapitate his own daughter, which was done. The father of a murdered child was killed by a thunderbolt.