The Liberty Monument is located within the city walls of Nicosia’s old town, close to the Archbishopric. It was crafted by I. Notara in 1973 during the presidency of Archbishop Makarios III. The monument was erected to honour the Greek Cypriots who fought for their independence against the British colonial rule, the Cyprus Emergency of 1955-1959. The monument consists of brass statues that represent, in a detailed and well-crafted way, men and women of different ages being released from prison and seeing the daylight after years of imprisonment. Ironic is the fact that due to the tragic events of 1974, no official inauguration of the monument has ever occurred. After so many centuries of oppression, just right when the Cypriot Hellenism saw the light towards the supreme good of freedom, the Turkish Invasion took place and took away all the signs of hope once more. Undoubtedly, the Liberty Monument has become a timeless symbol of struggle and hope for freedom for the Cypriot people.