In the village of Lisos you will find a small, unique church dedicated to Saint Merkourios. It’s a stone-built church lost in the forest of Stavros tis Psokas. Inside the church there is an iconostasis with icons of Jesus, Virgin Maria and other Saints.

The church was built by two residents of the area while picking mushrooms and by accident they found the ruins of Saints Merkourios church. After that, they decided to build a new church at the same position. Possible the old church of Saint Merkourios was the main temple of a village, which was there since the Byzantine period until the 1950s. Between 1948-1950 the Government decided to move the villagers to other villages of Pafos with the reason that the village is situated in the forest and that may cause different problems.

Saint Merkourios church is so simple but also so special due to its position. In the middle of nowhere, so close to nature, so close to God.

Nearby there is a magnificent picnic area called Saint Merkourios. The area provides all the facilities you need for an organised picnic.

The name day of Saint Merkourios is on the 25th of November. Saint Merkourios was an axiomatic of emperor Ioulianos tou Paravati and was tortured and then murdered because he did not give up his Christian Faith.