Colorful boats at a rocky scenery with wild vegetation and a small sandy cove with fine grain sand is images that combined offer a natural beauty like no other, Liopetri river.

The river is located at the southeast coast of Famagusta region and is about 4km out of Liopetri village. Is it called the little “fjord” of Cyprus because the river is a narrow strip of water created by the accumulation of rainfall from the surrounding area creating a constant flow of water into the sea. It is a fishing shelter and harbor for the fishermen of the area and is visited from locals and foreigners alike. At the location fish taverns provide fresh tasty fish dishes.

According to history the location was used as an anchorage dating back to the medieval era. Also, it looks like that the surrounding area was used as a quarry. During the 18th century the river was used as a harbor for exporting agricultural products and limestone to foreign countries like Syria, Egypt and Lebanon.

Lately the area is upgraded, and every one’s hope is that the wild nature would be preserved during this upgrading.

If you are visiting the Kokkinochoria area, Liopetri river is a place worth visiting to experience the unspoiled and pure.