He was Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and for the whole Africa from 1997 until 2004. He was born in 1949 in Keryneia of Cyprus. He was ordained as a High Priest in 1983, while he was also elected as Patriarch of Alexandria in 1997.

He was devoted to the work of the church, he worked with zeal and insistence for the expansion of Christianity in African continent. With extensive missions in Kenya, in Madagascar, in Uganda and in various other parts of Africa, where he established Dioceses and ordained new priests, he fought the propagation of Christianity. The agony as well as the dedication for the ideas of Christianity, made him particularly adorable to the flock in the whole Africa.

In September of 2004 he died tragically, when the helicopter he was travelling with 16 more people, was crashed in a mysterious way, off to Mountain Athos, where he planned to obtain pilgrimage official visit.