Awarded with the Blue Flag, “Mackenzie” beach lies near the Larnaca International Airport. While vacationers swim in the blue water or lay on the sunbeds, they can watch the planes close up as they take off or land at the airport.

Mackenzie beach has thin grey sand and is 1000 meters long and 35 to 80 meters wide. It provides all the necessary amenities, including sunbeds with umbrellas, changing rooms and toilets. During the touristic period, experienced lifeguards are on duty and water sports are on offer too. Parallel to the coast, there is a street with a wide variety of lounge bars, fish taverns, restaurants, and cafes. Mackenzie beach has become a highly popular destination amongst the youth thanks to the successful and frequent beach parties. Access to the beach is very easy with much parking space available.

Interesting to mention is how the beach received its name. A Scottish residence of Larnaca, whose name was McKenzie, had set up a temporary premise on the beach for private use. Then when the residents of Larnaca wanted to go there, they would say “Let’s go to McKenzie” and the toponym prevailed through the years.