Kritou Terra is in the Laonas area, in Paphos Region. It’s literary an area infested with trees hidden in between the peaks of the mountains. The community, wanting to promote the natural beauty of the area created a new linear trail, for those who love nature and hiking. It is an easy trail, about a kilometre long, that starts from the picnic site of the Kritou Terra village and ends at the Kremmiotis river waterfall.

The picinic site is small but organized, and you will be impressed by its natural beauty. The wild vegetation of the area in combination with running waters, that are believed to be therapeutic, create a unique scenery. The trail passes through rich wild flora that consists of bushes, trees and flowers, where some of this flora is unique to this location. Terebinth, Cypriot oak, cottonwood, plane tree, cypress tree, reeds are some of the flora that can be seen, while the rich fauna of many birds species and reptiles can be found here.

The trail ends at the great waterfall of Kremmiotis river, that is formed by the said river. The majestic sound of running water, wild vegetation and the birds singing make the Kritou Terra Nature Trail a place of uniqueness that can awake the senses.