In the northwest of Limassol there is a little village called Kissousa. The village is next to the villages Malia,Pachna and Saint Amvrosios and is built in the western shore of the river of Hapotami. According to «Cyprus Encyclopaedia», the village was named Kissousa because of the existence of ivy. It is also related to an ancient place in Greece, also named Kissousa , which was dedicated to Dionysous God whose his sacred plant was the ivy. So is believed that Kissousa is related with the Cyprus colonization by the Achaeans.

Unfortunately, Kissousa, like many other villages could not follow the rapid growth of the bigger villages and cities and progressively leads to desertification. Only a few villagers are left, and one church dedicated to Saint Sergious and Vakho. Every year, on the 7th October many ex villagers visit the church to celebrate the Saints name day. It is the only day that the village reminds the old years.