This specific location is located between the villages of Stavros tis Psokas and Kampos in Nicosia Region and on route to the Kykkos monastery. The route to get there is via an all curves road that passes through a green landscape infested with trees. Deep vegetated gorges are something to see. One of these deep gorges, at an altitude of 1153 meters is the place called “The crazy woman’s gorge” (O gkremos tis pellis in Greek-Cypriot dialect). On site there’s a huge boulder and a huge ancient tree which is protected by the Forests Department.

At this site you can make stop and enjoy the great nature on all its beauty. For the photography lovers this is an ideal destination.

How this location name came up though? According to local folklore, a girl who was herding goats at this specific area sat on the boulder. She was occupied with her adrakti (a tool used for embroidery), and her tool fell off her hands. While she tried to grab the tool, she fell into the gorge and died. The local people consider the actions of the girl crazy-like and for that reason they named the spot “The crazy woman’s gorge”. This spot is considered dangerous.