The Vateris Nature Trail is a small and easy 1-kilometre-long trail. The trail was built on the west bank of the cluster of Klario river and follows the course of the river, passing through a dense vegetation of plane trees, alders and oaks. The lovely scenery is enhanced by the small wooden bridges that penetrate into the river and lead to various points within the old village of Kakopetria. The strollers may sit on the benches that are placed in different spots within the trail to take a rest while enjoying the sound of the flowing water blending with the sound of singing birds.

At the end of the trail, there is an old water spring that had been used by the inhabitants of the area for centuries. The spring is called “Vateri Vrisi” – this is where the trail got its name from.

When you visit Kakopetria village, do not miss the chance to follow this trail. The greenery along with the sweet sound of the river’s flowing waters will surely bring moments of mental peace and tranquillity.