The "Agios Georgios" small church is located in the middle of the village, below the road that connects Galata with Kakopetria. The church dates back to the first quarter of the 16 th century. Contrary to other churches, it has a north-to-south direction. The church mainly consists of the main temple and the narthex. The dimensions of the narthex are 2,63 X 3,22 metres and the dimensions of the main temple are 6 X 3 metres.
The only fresco is located on the north wall, close to the icon screen. It is quite large and depicts St. George on horseback killing the dragon. It bears the following sign: "St George the Galatites" (from Galata). Around the representation there are scenes from the saint's martyrdom. This work is probably of the 16 th century. The icon screen is not sculptured and it seems to be of a latter date. Its icons, which are in bad condition, are considered to date back to the 16 th or the beginning of the 17 th century.
A liturgy is conducted here on the 23 rd of April, this being the Saint's Day.