The small church of "Theotokos" (Mother of Christ, Virgin Mary) or of "Archangelos" (Archangel) as it is known, is located quite close to the "Panagia tis Podithou" church. The walls are all covered with frescoes of 1514.
The "Prayer" ("Deisis") with the donators are depicted in the north wall and the above founder's inscription. Christ is sitting on a throne in the middle. Below Him the Virgin Mary and John the Baptist are pictured in a stance of prayer. The Virgin Mary is pointing with Her right hand at the donator, who is depicted under the "Prayer" along with his family, offering the church's model. Under Christ's feet there is the founder's inscription in seven lines. Zacharias Polos is wearing black clothes and a cap. He is kneeling and offering the church's "mock-up" and its key. His son, who is kneeling before him, is wearing long, white clothes. To the right of this beautiful representation of the "Prayer", the wife of Polos, Mandelena, and their three girls are kneeling. Mandelena is kneeling, dressed very opulently and ornately, and has her hands in a praying stance. Behind her is the eldest daughter kneeling. She is also dressed aristocratically. She is holding an open book that begins with the "Akathistos Ymnos" (a Hymn in honour of the Virgin Mary during Lent that is chanted while standing). The entire "Prayer" fresco is of excellent artistry with beautiful colours and many details in all the faces. The chapel's frescoes are well preserved and include scenes from life, the Lord's Passion, the Resurrection and Ascension of the Lord, and scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary until her Assumption. Also, a large number of saints, martyrs, prelates, holy men, hermits, as well as scenes from the Old Testament are depicted. Above the North entrance there is a small, portable icon of Archangel Michael (17 th century). A liturgy is conducted on the 6 th of September "in memory of Archangel Michael's miracle at Chonae". In the Holy Bema's "prothesis" the "Akra Tapinosis" is painted with the inscription "APOKATHILOSI" (removal of Christ from the cross). In the semi-vault of the apses, the Virgin Mary is painted, standing without Christ, praying amongst two angels that are admiring her.