The church was erected in the place of a small church , which was dedicated in St. Mauri. The construction of a larger church was necessary because of the population growth of the Augorou community in the early 20th century . The construction of the temple, while as it was launched in 1909 , due to various difficulties encountered , lead to its completion just in 1931 , ie after 22 years. The inhabitants of Augorou are worthy of admiration who exclusively with their own financial contribution and volunteer, they managed to make this ambitious project. Even the equipment of the church in icons, chandeliers etc. were gradually filled with their own donations.

The temple also houses a very rear two-sided icon, dating back to the 19th century and which from one side represents the form of St. John the Theologian and the other has the form of St. George. The church celebrates on June 29th, the feast day of Saints Peter and Paul.