In about a kilometre from Ayii Anargyri chapel in Cavo Grecko-Ayia Napa you come across a natural bridge named Kamara tou Koraka (The crow’s arch). It is a picturesque tall natural bridge which is a symbol of the Cavo Grecko peninsula.

This masterpiece of nature is formed through millions of years and is visited by thousands of tourists each year. Unfortunately, in recent years, this magnificent natural bridge is in danger to be consumed by the deep blue sea. The corrosion of the rocks, due to waves, and the existence of deep roots from bushes are endangering the bridge to fall apart.

To protect the visitors, the Forests Department, fenced the area around the bridge, because is now considered to be a dangerous spot to be on. Nowadays temporary solutions are being used to prolong the life of the bridge but with no guarantee of its stability. According to geologists the survival of the bridge is grim.