A special kind of church is in Alassa in Limassol Region. The church is dedicated to Agios Nicolaos and was built on 1936. The speciality of this church is that is submerged in the waters of Kourris lake. It’s visible only few times a year when the level of the lake is low. When the Kourris reservoir overflows, the only thing visible of the church is its belfry, which creates a unique and majestic image.

Most part of Alassa village is submerged in the Kourris reservoir, the biggest reservoir in Cyprus. The village residents moved in higher grounds, north of the initial settlement location. With the submerged village, a hidden treasure of antiquities and legends are sank with it.

The Antiquities Department commenced an excavation on site. A house of 5th century AC (Late Roman Period) and the ruins of a big settlement of the Late Copper Age (1650 – 1050 AC). The settlement resembles many common features like brass tools and idols made of clay, with the Pampoulas Settlement in Episkopi of Limassol.